Bonjour ma Chère et Bonjour mon Cher,
Today, I am honored to introduce you the series of pensées* on the business fields of pleasures and leisure.
Let’s open our conscience, learn, agree, disagree, discuss, wonder while I share with you new perspectives on Luxury, Fashion, Arts, Experience as business fields and human notions.
Préambule: the origins of this research
When I first thought of DAY ROSE, I saw a place of transcendance and deep happiness. A place each time you visit, you grow. A moment during which you can enjoy, learn and matter. Discoveries at each corner of this “lieu de vie” (place full of live – or lifestyle concept).
And if this physical place will appear in a close future and in a magical location soon to be found, DAY ROSE first and current mission is to gather all the creators, makers, lovers, marketers of the worlds of leisure and pleasures!
They are different yet all attached to each other. All together they make sure you live your life at its best and you celebrate.
Luxury as a business field embodies the goods and services that you can see fit as la creme de la creme.
They incorporate customization, craftsmanship, noble material, creativity, services, scarcity and/or higher quality that make the clients feel special and the product/service timeless.
2 additional criteria have recently been added to thesp very elitist list of Luxury criteria:
Art and sustainability.
Art for all the artists collaboration, for the notion of aesthetics and the famous limited editions including art technics and traditional know-how (métiers d’arts).
Sustainability because in a world where producing means destroying, luxury brands must lead the way and prove that they can create excellence while respecting nature and life in general. Easier said than done for all the brands led and managed by financial groups
and selling manufactured goods like you sell dishwasher soaps.
Before 2025, the face of luxury will change one more time leaving behind the redondent critics futilities and non-essentialism. Growing with the current clients the same ones changing into owners, creators and guides, luxury will nurture meanings. A deep purpose, a sense of spiritual a retour* into human sized maisons and simple emotional brands.
We are started the era of new icons, new creators, legacies and legends. And among their new powers, you will benefit from: innovation, authenticity, simplicity, humanity and humanism, inclusivity, spirituality, real purpose and a no bullshit policy (away from anything close to green washing and stuff).
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*pensées means thoughts in French!
Have a beautiful day,