I confirm my presence

So in this specific case OL does not represent Olympique Lyonnais (if I had 2 people who made reference to football).

OL is Original Luxury … For Original Luxury and a different Luxury sector.

The OL conference is:

  • a philosophical, psychological & spiritual approach to Luxury and its Brands,
  • an anti-contemplation conference! We are all at the heart of the debate to participate and enrich it,
  • the desire for free, refreshing and deeply authentic luxury.

Next May 18 will take place season 1 of OL under the following theme: from luxury to merchant luxury, how to spread happiness in the heart of our brands?

9 of the 53 elected members of the book will be with us for season 1 at Sup de Pub Paris (which I thank very much).

Here is the link to register to discover the faces & profiles of the elected “Marque & Luxe” explains to my boss!

Free place but limited number of places. Confirmation of presence & good humor mandatory. OL season 1 takes place next Thursday, May 18 from 8:30 am in the amphitheater of Sup de Pub Paris at 31 quai de la Seine 75019 Paris.

Thank you & namaste!

PS: at the risk of disappointing, my pretty Mac Book Air is in a bad mood this morning. He refuses to let me punctuate this text as I should prepare it for you. We hope it finds its reason in a few hours after the long awaited update!

I confirm my presence