Bonjour ma Chère et Bonjour mon Cher,

I hope you are doing fantastic.

I am so glad to meet you again and share with you “la suite”

of the The of pensées on the worlds of leisure and pleasures. 

*pensées means thoughts in French! 

Chapter II: Art

Art is the second pillar that made humanity grow and progress. 

Art brings the notion of expression. 

You are able to express a vision, an idea, an opinion, on the opposite of many other living species (in the human eyes for what we know). And this is what Art is about. At the root of individuality, Art gathers people into community of believers and rebels, lovers and haters, the exact same way spirituality does. 

Expression is what gives us the power. We think, we create, we change, we connect. And expression is what makes it all possible. 

Art creates the notion of beauty. 

Harmonious, disruptive, innovative, understated, effortless, magic, beauty is forever evolving in the hands of artists. 

Beauty fascinates our senses. No matter our tastes, one of its facets will meet our deeper desires for our biggest inner joy. 

We feel joy. We feel alive. We feel more than just alive. We live and love human creation. 

Art is a non essential extravagance

Art is the first seizure in the world dictated by survival. At the age where humans live like animal, art means creating something not useful simple to express something and give pleasure. Art is what makes the link between the humain thoughts and faith and the business world. 

Art is also a business field that incorporate the notions of expression, beauty and non-essential art of living. No essential to the survival of our species – this is how we should understand it. The Art lovers know that it is indeed mandatory to our evolution, our happiness and freedom. 

Today Art is a blurry business in a complete renaissance. 

On one hand, there are the Art of the past, that you can see living prosperously in museum and auctions. 

The contemporary Art often see a elitist and pompous sometimes by its art galerie show and charity galas. 

And the street arts came and freed the unknown and anti-conformists. Art spread on the walls of our streets, on the pavement we walk in. Some we love, other we loath because it destroys what used to be art before it was here. 

With the birth of social media, a new wave of artists is raising. Paintings, poems, drawings, sculptures, songs, choreographies are blooming on our insta feed. Some get their first galerie deal. Others create their own publishing houses. The rules of Art are changing. No more recognition needed by peers that will love your book or painting for you to exist as an artist. 

What to expect in the near future? 

The renaissance of an more simpler and less controlled offer. The artist being like an artisan. You will visit their boutique, fall in love and purchase and recommend them to your friends. Because now we are able to accept that fabulous artists can and will be independent, we will not wait for “established” organization to give us and tell us what to read, like, exhibit on our walls or on our wrists. 

The trend of discovering the new Dali, Picasso, David is appearing. We all are curators and choosers. 

And last but not least, to live a fulfilling life, now we understand the immense magic of art. And each and everyone of us can in their own way express and create joy and beauty. Art is linked to well being and psychology and in the new future, the workshop to teach you how to DO IT YOURSELF will explode. 

Art makes you feel good. 

You are an artist and you are ready to make a business out of your passion? 

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