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Once upon a time, a business woman eager to achieve immensely and rapidly was offered the strange luxury to publish her first book. It was a luxury to her. She had for so long forgotten this dream of hers. At 14, she had written her first book of 60 pages. She was growing up, always surrounded with notebooks here and there. Some were journals. Other were manuscripts of poetry, stories and esoteric guidance. Dreams she had forgotten. And this proposal unlocked them. 

She said yes. And while working so thoroughly on this book, she slowly let go of her business missions. She quit clients. She refused missions. She stopped needing an office. Not a wise choice, her ego was yelling. Yet she couldn’t do any differently anymore. 

And this first book was a mix of her and her expertise. Several voices in her head. An invaluable contribution of other experts around the world. Artist drawing, painting and taking photos of the invisible magic that luxury emulates since the beginning of our civilisation, yet in a very contemporary emotional way. 

November 23rd of 2021, was released Marque & Luxe in France and French speaking countries. 

The book met a lot of success, many articles were shared on it. And its mother, the author, gave some many conferences and interviews from Paris to Rotterdam, in Chengdu, New York, Los Angeles… 

Luxury moved so much lately. The other was waiting to see more clearly. Publish something organically different and substantial for her audience. She needed to grow and feel a new purpose. 

DAY ROSE is the awakening of this new era where creators free themselves from stigma and fears of not being able to compete. DAY ROSE provides simple system to go from a concept to an brand, and from a brand to an icon with an audience, a purpose, a voice. 

A new intention to write about leisure and pleasure is right there. The author can feel her fingers move on the keypad as they are contributing at their best. 


Find the book on Amazon, click HERE.