Crystals and Energies

You must have friends around you who study natural stones, tarot and angel cards. These different spiritual methods of healing are no longer prejudiced. In fact, most people integrate relaxing exercises for their body and brain, such as yoga and meditation. Using crystals can also play a big part in our spiritual journey.

Today, we will discover healing stones, or crystals as you may want to call them, one of the methods to raise our energy.

First of all, we must say that with the ongoing trends, crystals are everywhere. Therefore it is crucial that you use a simple method to understand if the crystals are truly ‘real’. If the color of the stone does not fade and turn black when you burn the stone you bought, it is truly a crystal stone. If it turns black, unfortunately that stone is not real and energy flow cannot be provided.

How to Use and Clean the Stones

There are many methods of using natural stones. Some of the methods would be; to carry it with you when going to an important place or to an event, to hold it in both hands while meditating (which I think is the most effective because you can feel the stone getting hot and sending vibrations to your body) or you can equally put it on your bedside table or under your pillow at home.

There is no specific rule for how you should use the stones, but they say that the stones should not stay in a very closed and dark environment, so that their energy is not drained. For this reason, if you carry it in your bag, for example, it would be good to take them out when you come home from time to time and put it in a place that receives sunlight or any daylight. Carrying it in a velvet bag while having it in your bag is known as the most effective and energy-flowing method.

Cleaning Your Stones

Many different methods are suggested to clean your stones. The simplest of these is to keep the stones in the sunlight for 1-2 hours. However, since the color of some stones may fade in the sun, different methods are also used. For example, instead of placing a stone like amethyst in sunlight, you can clean it with salt water. You can choose any time of the day to clean with water. It is also possible to clean in the moonlight. This technique can be done by putting the stones in salt water and then leaving them on the window in the moonlight until the morning. Moonlight fulfills the energy of crystals. Another method is to clean them with incense or palo santo with the smoke.

Choosing the Right Stone

When choosing natural stone, the stone actually chooses you. Of course, knowing the meanings of the stones is of great importance, but when you go to choose the crystal, it will be one that attracts you. Therefore, when you go to buy a stone, choose the stone that attracts you and the one that you feel the energy closely.

Natural Stone Types

There are many different types of natural stones, and they all have different promises of energy. Each stone has a different healing power and it is possible to find a crystal that gives energy to whatever you want to improve in your life.

What they all promise in common is to purify your body from bad energies and wrap it with good energy. It takes a bit of faith to feel it, and how deep you are spiritually also matters. Now let’s look at 5 different types of stones. If you are just starting out with the crystal healing process, it would be good to start with these 5 stones.

Amethyst – This stone may be the most well-known and most commonly seen.  Amethyst sends good energy to your body regarding health. It prevents stress and anxiety and brings a sense of relaxation. It balances your body and mind. It is a stone that is often used in meditation because it helps to get rid of anxious thoughts.

Clear Quartz – This stone works more towards our mind. It increases our concentration, keeps us in the moment and improves our memory.

Citrine – Citrine brings happiness and joy. It allows us to get rid of toxic thoughts from our body. Whatever you want to attract (such as work, money, love) it radiates good energy to make it happen. At the same time, it increases our inspiration and creativity, which we call ‘the creative mind’.

Rose Quartz – This pink stone offers healing methods related to our body and ourselves, such as self-confidence, self-healing, self-love.

Onyx – One of the most important of the stones, Onyx clears the bad energy in our house and spreads positive energy to the area we are in. You can also use this stone to clean your home with incense.