Bonjour Happy Achiever,

What if I was telling you you had to choose between success and happiness?

Either you get to contribute to the world with lots of achievements, a beautiful professional success, financial  means, recognition and all that comes along

OR a happy life filled with love, travel, fun, laughs, friends, family.

What would you do? What would you choose?

Well, I am telling you, you should not have to choose. You should tell me: “Audrey, I am not choosing; I will pick both! Because you can have it all and more. Because you deserve the best.” And you would be so very right!

No compromise, you can have it all!

I used to think I had to make a choice.

was not deserving Happiness because I had to leave a trace in this world. I was thinking that success only came to those who were making all the sacrifices of their personal life. Working crazy hours, accepting jobs and missions I didn’t like or found value from, doing things that were not meaningful to me. I was putting my dreams and myself aside hoping one day I could forget what I really wanted (secretly hoping one day when I reached success and I worked long and hard enough, I could be and do what I wanted). I exhausted myself and when achievements came, I never saw them or acknowledge them.

This was me 5 years ago.

Before publishing my first book and revealing my artistic identity. Before being blessed becoming a mother. Before doing the work to find myself and my dreams back and believe I could have anything I wanted and set my mind to do. There will never be choices anymore. And there should not be either for you.

 Because we deserve to celebrate life at its best…

I launched The Precious Life for the Happy Achievers of the world that don’t want to compromise between their personal and professional life, their dreams and their success, their inner self and who they are in society.

I help you make your dreams come true, create the lifestyle you desire while taking care of you and your happiness.

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