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🇫🇷 Une révolution de Swimwear : Flowher

Discover Flowher, “Swimwear made for anytime of the month.”

-What is your name and the name of your company?

Z: I’m Zaynab

N: And I’m Nora. We are the co-founders of Flowher.

-Can you tell us what you do as if you were talking to a 5 year old? Simple without technical words. 🙂

Z: So, Flowher is a brand of menstrual swimsuits which allows women to be able to put on a swimsuit in complete safety during their period.

N: And throughout the month. The swimsuit is designed to be worn also outside of periods, so as to create the ideal swimsuit for the whole summer.

-When did you know that being an entrepreneur was meant for you?

N: Since roughly adolescence. When we both started thinking about our careers, we were rather leaning on the idea of ​​one day being able to be our own bosses. In the meantime, we still had our beginnings in their respective careers. And it’s true that the Covid and the confinement, it still greatly accelerated this way of thinking about that. Are we getting started? Are we not getting started? Are we old enough to do it? Not do it? So it’s sure that getting started with two people is still easier to do that than one.

Z: And then the decision-making was quite easy given our respective personal situations. And the age we have, we don’t necessarily have responsibilities, yet. And suddenly, we said to ourselves that we could assume the responsibility of having a business at that age.

Could you tell us about the sustainable aspect of Flowher?

Z: You should know that sustainable development and all that is environmental and sustainability is something that is really strong. This is an extremely important aspect for us, for Flowher, because today it seems inconceivable to create a brand, especially in ready-to-wear, that is not eco-responsible. We have several aspects within Flowher itself that are eco-responsible.

N: So already, first, we made the choice to produce swimsuits with a fabric that is recycled, which is made from marine waste from the sea, mainly plastic. It is a fabric that is Italian. Besides that, we have. We took care to choose packaging that was as eco-responsible as possible. So in terms of paper, we try to choose recycled paper. And we also have a packaging that was made to measure for the garment that is wet. So it’s a small certified cotton pouch that is made by an NGO in India, which is only made up of women, so which participates in the social reintegration of women there. And most importantly, the absorbent part in swimwear. It was also thought to be non-harmful for the women who will wear the swimsuits. And we have two layers of cotton which are very thin, which are also eco-tax certified, so not harmful.

Z: And overall, we also decided to have a European production, so it’s not really related to the co-responsibility, but in any case it’s part of our ethical commitments and social. So in a workshop that has specialized in swimsuits for more than 20 years today and it is a workshop that is on a human scale, which pays its employees decently. We went to see the workshop and then everything went well and it was a decision for us to do that.

-What do you enjoy most about your daily work activities?

Z: I think that in the aspect, in the general aspect, what we like the most is really to be independent and to do all as we want, at our own pace and what we want.

N: It’s true that it can be difficult for some to see fit, to say OK, since in fact, there are two of us and we launched the brand together and we are still two , for the moment, we wear all the hats. It might seem difficult to say today, we’re getting into this or that subject, but in itself, it’s super rewarding because clearly we touch on everything, we do everything and it’s sure that there are subjects that fascinate us more than others, like all that is creation.

-How do you take care of yourself and your private life?

N: It’s a bit complicated subject because in personal life, we are friends, in professional life, we are colleagues, so the two necessarily overlap at some point in everyday life. Afterwards, it’s true that we still try to set limits so as not to fall into too much work. But it’s true that you shouldn’t lie to yourself either, being an entrepreneur, it’s still thinking about your baby all the time, even on weekends, especially. We have no employees, therefore. And even, I think that if one day we have employees, I think it will never stop.

Z: When we saw that we are our own bosses, we have this flexibility that we couldn’t necessarily have if we hadn’t been an entrepreneur. That is to say that if there is one who is a little more tired than the other, well, we shift the morning appointment to half an hour. And then, it doesn’t matter. I think personal flexibility is very, very important.

What is your next travel destination? And why?

N: So precisely, in connection with the last question, we are leaving in a few weeks, for a long weekend in Amsterdam both, because we have lived quite intense, stressful weeks. We worked a lot of weekends, so we gave ourselves a little weekend break. But we won’t really be on a break because we’ll always be on emails, etc. But it will be a half break for us.

Z: And potentially we were discussing being able to go a little bit far. Not the summer of this year, since the summer will be our our moments of boom. But a little later, in September October, why not Asia? Why not in Bali? To be able to breathe a little too and create content for Flowher, thus combining the personal and the pro.

-Finally, where can we find you and discover your products and services? (Website, social network or physical address)

Z: You can find us on our Flowher Swimwear eCommerce site and also on Instagram. We are quite active!

N: So for the moment we are only present on the i shop, not yet in physics, but you never know, maybe in the near future, we hope.

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