Strong resume since the beginning

Cardin began his brief apprenticeship with a tailor named Manby when he was 17 years old, where he learnt the technique of tailoring suits. Cardin joined Pacquin’s fashion firm when he arrived in Paris in 1944, recognized as the fashion center of the world.

Worked with DIOR

Cardin was part of the crew that helped design the 1947 “New Look” collection, which was taken under the wing of Christian Dior.

Dior was so taken with the young designer that he stated, “Designers like Pierre Cardin are the future of haute couture.”

In 1950, he began his legacy

He opened his own shop in town and he designed several dresses for the city’s numerous extravagant balls, including 30 for a masquerade ball at Venice’s Palazzo Labia, touted as the “party of the century”. 

King of Space Age

Cardin’s fashion was based on futuristic concepts, such as geometrical shapes that were clean and simple, as well as space-themed collections.

The designer’s bubble skirt dresses and Cardin tiny skirts were among his most popular female couture pieces, igniting the “mod chic” movement. His Space Age designs, which revolutionized futuristic fashion, was one of his most well-known collections.