I hope you are doing well!

Last May 8th, I launched this Kajabi platform displaying my first content about self-growth branded The Precious Life. Half a year or so later, I am glad to say that The Precious Life is still on, growing and maturing. 

I received many beautiful comments from members. This shows me that I was right following this deep voice in me that was obsessively repeating to share the methods I found and used to win my battles. When you want to achieve great things, find yourself and live the life you deserve to have at its best, the lack of comfort is part of the process. Each time you grow, it is to get out of this “comfort zone” and get adventurous. It takes courage, it takes effort, motivation, energy, trust. It needs love. 

I have always found profound inspiration reading the words of others, going to conferences, hearing podcasts, watching videos. I have so many questions, researching through content is one part of the process.

The second one is trying out the advice I found during this search and observing the results. 

Thirst is definitely, inner search. I listen to my intuition. I use tools to align myself and see what feels good or what seems odd to me. 

I am then able to define an action plan that I follow and modify when needed until I reach my next step. 

Might it be what I wanted or even better (this second option is often the result), I am always taking notes and conclusions on what worked, why and how on both what I found in myself and in the outer world. 

It has been working. And things have moved a lot and for the better.

Starting May 2020, this voice I briefly talked to you earlier started repeating it was time to share with others. I had indeed made this promise to myself when I needed help once I was back on my feet. It was time to help the ones with big dreams, great talents and desires achieve them. It was time to motivate the parent, single mother, entrepreneurs, lover of travels. It was time to guide the ones who feel like they are not enough and they won’t ever be able to be and have what they are and have in their dreams. 

This voice did not stop. This voice is still here every morning, reminding me to keep sharing. 

This is what DAY ROSE is all about with GABE and The Precious Life. 

Focus on The Precious Life Offers:

-We have made changes and simplified: The Precious Life core offer is a membership that you can have monthly or annually. Each month, new content with videos, podcasts, notes and more. 

-Ebooks are available in DAY ROSE store

Starting next month, we hope to increase the content by either weekly LIVE COACHING with replay available, or weekly ROUTINES made of yoga, visualisation, meditation etc. To share with us your preferences, drop us a short email with your answer

To discover The Precious Life and our offers, click HERE 

You have a 7 days trial with your membership plus you can cancel anytime without any fees. Just saying… 

Thank you and may you have a wonderful day,