Activate Positive Outcomes & Manifest The Changes You Desire!

You are a driven person that is looking to create a happy or happier life. You know you want changes to happen in your life, you may even know where you want your dreams to lead you.

And, sometimes, in that situation, we either don’t know where to start or we have doing trying our best to make changes but for a reason we don’t understand, things are not going the way we want. We feel stuck, discourage, frustrated and even exhausted. 

Positive Cleansing is the method I developed to reverse these energies. Let’s activate the positive changes you want so very much in your life! 

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What Means Positive Cleansing?

Positive Cleansing is a method to restore, have a fresh start and welcome positive outcomes. It is like the well-deserved vacations after an exhausting period of time that will give relief, energy, determination, abundance, freedom, aim, joy, motivation, purpose, peace.

The 3 benefits of cultivating Positive Cleansing:

  • Relief & peace
  • Let of the past
  • Make space to welcome new things!

How Positive Cleansing method changed my life?

Many of you have been congratulating me on all the big steps I took in my life lately. This was hard work and it paid off. I just followed the Positive Cleansing Method. I was so stuck keeping it all and just adding to my plate that I was not able to move. Too many things to do, too many obligation, stress, frustrations and negative energy. Now I have learnt to release anything I know is not good for me and the results means all the world to me. I am finally able to materialise my goals and dreams.

A lot has changed for me recently. All because I learnt to free myself from what I did not want!

  • My son and I are happy and that is the most important for me
  • I live by the water and enjoy the sun everyday – that is one of my dream
  • I write everyday and on my way to some more meaningful projects like The Precious Life
  • I work on myself with meditation, time in nature and self-introspection. Those days about feminity and abundance.
  • I am meeting new people on a daily basis and open up to others – one of my objectives
  • I have the courage to say no to other parts of my life that are holding me in the past – one of my objectives
  • I gaining the confidence to pursue my artistic dreams writing a new book and why not, creating music and lyrics to share with you!

Sharing this with you means a lot for me. I was not able to do that either before… last time I wrote that for people to read I was 14.

I was starting le Lycée (last 3 years of high school are in a different establishment in France and it is called Lycée). I was asked to stay after the class by my French teacher asking me why I wanted to move on with a Literature major, I obviously had no future in it. He had never met me before, just read the introduction paper he asked us to make for him with our objectives and dreams. I made sure by the end of the year I was more than welcome to choose a literature major and he changed his mind about me. But doing this, I lost a part of me, not willing to share my dreams of writing books, songs, blogs, poems etc.

7 Signs Positive Cleansing Can Change Your Life

Your mind, your heart and your body are sending you alarms on a daily basis. And most of the time, you don’t hear them out. You might feel like you could do much better but don’t know how or where to start. 


Here are 7 signs that a start fresh is what you need! 

·      Your fears sabotage your life. You don’t sleep well.

·      You are stressed and obsessively thinking about things that go wrong in your life 

·      You feel cranky and surrounded by negative energy

·      You have bad habits that keep you unhealthy

·      You repeat hurtful and destructive situation  

·      You are exhausted, and you feel burnt out 

·      You realize you procrastinate and don’t get things done 

If one or several of them resonate with you, I am here to tell you, IT IS OKAY. Most of us, Happy Achievers, have been here more than once. 


I have been there too many times. And one thing I found very powerful to reverse the energy and activate positive outcomes is cleansing. To START FRESH, I restore…


How? By releasing the stress, the negativity, the things I don’t want in my life anymore. 

 Let’s Start Fresh And Restore! 

I called this course: POSITIVE CLEANSING. It is a method that is simple, real, very accessible. It is short and customizable to your life. Get ready to take efficient actions and START FRESH.

In the Positive Cleansing Course, I will teach you:

  • Module #1: The Parisian Release – how to point out exactly what you should free yourself from in order to welcome changes.
  • Module #2: Petits Steps –  the necessity to establish a timeline and an action plan with a to do list and how to do it without feeling overwhelmed or ready to give up
  • Module #3: Bonjour Liberation – all the tricks to thrive during the process of cleansing, how to keep on going and how to restore and acknowledge your victory 🏄🏼‍♀️

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