Dear Happy Achiever,

This is a very straightforward message for you.

Your mind, your heart and your body are sending you alarms on a daily basis. And most of the time, you don’t hear them out. You might feel like you could do much better but don’t know how or where to start.

Here are 7 signs that a fresh start is what you need! I suggest you read them out loud and respond by Yes each time you feel it resonates with you.

  • Your fears sabotage your days and nights – you don’t sleep well. 😖
  • You are stressed and obsessively thinking about things that go wrong in your life
  • You feel cranky and surrounded by negative energy and people ☔️
  • You can’t stop bad habits that keep you unhealthy
  • You repeat hurtful and destructive situations
  • You are exhausted and you feel burnt out 🥱
  • You realise you procrastinate, You don’t get things done and waste hours on unimportant things. 🤳

If you answered YES to one or several of those signs, I am here to tell you, IT IS OKAY. Most of us have been there more than once. ✨

I have been there too many times myself. And one thing I found very powerful to reverse the energy and activate positive outcomes is cleansing. To start fresh, I restore with a method I develop and called Positive Cleansing. 💃 🕺

And this is the first course release on The Precious Life because I believe the best way to build solid foundations in growth begins with freedom. Free yourself first of anything you don’t absolutely adore in your life. 🦋

This course and all the others are real, simple, short and customizable to your life. Get ready to take efficient actions and START FRESH. 


In the Positive Cleansing Course, I share with you:

  • Module #1: The Parisian Release – how to point out exactly what you should free yourself from in order to welcome changes.
  • Module #2: Petits Steps –  the necessity to establish a timeline and an action plan with a to do list and how to do it without feeling overwhelmed or ready to give up
  • Module #3: Bonjour Liberation – all the tricks to thrive during the process of cleansing, how to keep on going and how to restore and acknowledge your victory 🏄🏼‍♀️

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