If you have ever read anything I have written before in the business world I belong, you know I have spent a decade promoting the human and original value of Luxury.

I believe it and I was not the first one to define this.

We say that human beings have detached themselves from their animal conditions focusing on religion (that I prefer to call spirituality as it resonates more positively today), art and luxury. 

If you have never heard of that before, well take the time to read this special section I have prepared for you. This should bring a lot of perspective to your vision of pleasure and meanings. 

The beginning of our current civilisation starts with the embrace of religion, art and spirituality. 

-Spirituality brought the conscience of more to life than the present life. We are talking faith and beliefs.

-Art embodies expression. The first way to communicate what we have inside, what comes to us, our visions and values. The first way to conquer masses opinion by our personal expression.

-Luxury incarnates pleasures. Dangerous and frivolous, those pleasures brings the best of us in terms of creativity and motivation. They help us perform, build a better world, share and leave a trace in the world. They absolutely don’t have to be materialistic. 

Luxury, as art and spirituality, are ways to grow and elevate. There are the fuel of progress in our society. This as well, I have not said first. Voltaire, French writer and philosopher in the century of lights in Paris said it so well in his poem called Le Mondain.

All together, Luxury, as art and spirituality bring us sanity, balance, joy and even fulfillment in self-realization. And we see it today with the emergence of a new spirituality which includes yoga, meditation, personal development, astrology, tarot reading and all the wellness, spiritism and esoteric offers out there.

Art, is a noble and positive notions and it is democratizing itself thanks to the today tasted for hiphop. I am amazed to see how poets are giving a romantic and sensual flair to Instagram too. 

When it comes to Luxury, my strong belief is that it is not seen as what it is. Because of a very elitist past, because of the materialist attachment we associated with it since the XVIII century and even more with the “democratization of Luxury” and because today big companies that are are surfing on immense legacy of timeless iconic brands to sell mass market made products into what they are not: precious, rare and highly qualitative and creative. 

This is one of the reasons I co-founded DAY ROSE. For the longest time, I have been awaiting the renaissance of the Luxury business field and with it the birth of your talents: entrepreneurs, artists and creatives. 

More to come in the next article!