The truth is… I have been scared to embrace who I am and simply be happy.

Being happy meant accepting love and the right to express myself as an artist. And because I kept my desires tied up along with my beautiful inner child, I slowly lost aim and purpose. I was living with a heart broken. A psychic once told me: “you have a smile on your face, but your heart is crying all the time”. But things changed and I am here with you today as an entrepreneur, a parent, a professional nomad but also as an artist. I am here with you to share stories, some that can be read, others that can be heard and sung. It is scary but I thrive with the challenge.

So what changed? HOW did I overcome my greatest struggles? How did I turned off my fears?

Honestly, it’s the same way you might, or ANYONE would. I had to DIG DEEP. I had to open myself to LEARNING again. I had to seek NEW MENTORS. Most of all, I had to see a different kind of future for myself and for my son, and I had to get to work. 👩🏼‍💻👩🏼‍🌾👩🏼‍💼

Maybe you can relate. Maybe it really is your time to make a change, right?

But listen… sometimes, SOMETHING has to change. Maybe this is that moment for you. Maybe it’s not. But I want you to know I’m here, and I’ve opened my course for YOU! I hope you choose to become a part of our community. Raising your voice, making your dreams come true and helping others too.

Transformation is possible. Progress is possible. I’m proof, and so are my students you’ve been hearing about. So just click here and join today. It’s your time,

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