A year ago today, I became an “author”. I saw my name published on books by KAWA Editions. I was revealing “Marque & Luxe” expliqué à mon boss. 

If you haven’t read “Marque & Luxe” explained to my boss yet, here’s where to get it!

November 23, 2016 – first Marque & Luxe  in my hands ..

First a great dizziness, head under water, anxieties, days and nights of work … “how to do? How to speak of” Brand & Luxury “? How to speak of me? Am I ready to getting out of my comfort zone a bit? I think it’s too late anyway … let’s try to do it the best, let’s try to stay close to you. ”

So the first press release flies away. I thank the magazine Stratégies which was the first to respond and interview me for the special Luxe edition. The launch party takes place, it’s a moment of joy. I thank my students, my clients, my family for their presence and their support.

And then we continue, we publish, we plan and I no longer know where I am. Existential crisis, image crisis … I need to rest.

The crisis ended up happening because Carole and Stéphanie opened my eyes to it. I cannot abandon my mission. I wanted to fight to make my words on luxury heard. Talk about fun, celebration of the present moment, to make you want to go after your dreams as I think have done many wonderful icons of the Luxury sector.

Thought of Mister Azzedine Alaia, creator of so many beauties in Haute Couture, who has just left us.

Claim a beautiful & authentic way of approaching the Brands, but even more, the way you are at work, with your colleagues and with yourself.


And today I have changed. Epykomène has changed. For the best. I have the privilege of adoring my profession and when I have finished loving something passionately, I close the chapter to open another. We come back stronger. Some may tell you that the glory that has gone to my head. The glory (however small it was / was) only made me stick my feet on the ground. And from you to me, those who know me know only too well I prefer to fly high and far rather than walk.


Today, thanks to “Marques & Luxe” explained to my boss, we (Epykomene and myself) refocused our activities around the Brand strategy: training, conferences, recommendations, Brand bibles & courses.

We share with the Maisons du Luxe, young concepts, professionals & enthusiasts of Luxury. Our anchors are of course the Luxury codes, the new challenges of the sector in the happiness, authenticity and speed of the Brands that make us dream so much. On the program: YUXA (Luxe + Yoga), Generation Y & Z, digital luxury etc.

I thank the 53 elected officials who make possible the “Brand & Luxury” adventure explained to my boss. Thank you to all the journalists, bloggers, influencers but also the Houses, Universities and Business Schools who support us in the promotion of the book and even more in the transmission of its philosophical, psychological & spiritual message.

If you haven’t read “Marque & Luxe” explained to my boss yet, here’s where to get it! Nice reading! And for those who have it, other new scriptural adventures will arrive very quickly, I promise!

PS: As an author, I will donate at the beginning of 2018, part of my copyright to an association for the protection of children worldwide. More information soon!

Very nice end of year celebrations & Namasté