“Marque & Luxe” explained to my boss loves a seaside vacation!

It’s sunny, it’s hot (maybe not every day in Paris but whatever!). It’s time for idleness. In his bag, in his suitcase, in his backpack or on his Kindle we take  “Marque & Luxe” expliqué à mon boss !

3 reasons that make it a must have for the summer:

  • Apparently the book is very fun and interesting! We laugh, we learn, we dream. (I wrote it but it is not me that say it!)
  • There are superb works of art to admire before napping or to be admired #jefaislepremierpas
  • Part of the copyright funds an association for the protection of abused children
  • The book is now available on Kindle and only for 17.99 euros!
  • It is big enough to protect your head from the sun, to scare away mosquitoes, midges and even wasps!

Great day to you & positive & solar thoughts from Santa Monica!

#Yuxa #newproject #chut