Luxury, a state of mind

Founder of Epykomène

Kabla is the founder of Epykomene, the house of Luxury marketing and French know-how. Her expertise lies in Luxury brands’emotional strategy: she accompanies established Brands as well as craftsmen, artists & young concepts in revealing their Brand’s treasures through Brand identity perception, research & trends, strategic planning & in-house training.

Her clients says that working with her (and Epykomène) is an authentic & inspiring booster, a balanced reminder of the joyful & noble values of Luxury and the best way to activate Brand equity  & client loyalty actions. She loves her clients for that!

For the past twelve years, Kabla has been traveling for work, studying Luxury trends and advising brands. She recently implemented the YUXA® into her strategic consulting methods.

Published author of the book “Marque & Luxe”

Kabla published her first book in November of 2016. Marque & Luxe” focuses on the philosophical, the psychological & spiritual approach of Luxury (as a state of mind) but also about Luxury as a field & its brands’. She provides a space for her trademarked idea of YUXA® (Yoga + Luxe) to emerge. She is currently working on a US adaptation of the book.

Here is the super-hero character of Audrey Kabla. She appears in the book as the “Mistress of lumières” . This piece of art is sumptuously revealed by the artist Siriane Bajot

Writer in & about Luxury

Kabla launches her first blog last February 2011. The blog of Epykomène offers more than 1400 articles about outstanding places, experiences & people.
Since March 2017, Kabla contributes to Journal du Luxe, the most famous Luxury blog in France

Speaker, Professor & Brands’ whisperer

Among the prestigious Universities & business schools that invited Kabla to their programs:

Since 2011, Audrey KABLA is a professor, a lecturer, a jury, a panelist & a managing director within several Business Schools & Universities worldwide. She teaches to Luxury management Master & MBA students.

Kabla is the founding director of the Master Luxury Brand management de Sup de Pub Paris, Groupe INSEEC since 2013. She created the first blog  about the Luxury field held & managed by students.

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Co-managing Director of Club Luxe at l’ADETEM

Since December 2016, Kabla is proud to organise events & conferences with Elodie de Boissieu, Director of EIML, for the club Luxe of the oldest French marketing association that is Adetem. 

In April 2017, they organised the first conference about Luxury & Aeronautics with amazing speakers from Deloitte, 3i3s, Bell & Ross, Ethiad & Balgerina!

In June 2017, the relation of GenZ towards Luxury were presented. The panelists represented the following brands: Nelly Rodi, Louboutin & NYX.

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A few additional  informations?

  • Kabla is sagittaire with a virgo ascendant.
  • Her lucky number is 3.
  • Her color-codes are sont black, grey & purple.
  • Her favorite dessert in 2017 is: a matcha & black sesame ice cream with a lot of tiny mochis on it!
  • About her way of living, Kabla loves quoting her Dear Oscar Wilde (as she likes to call him): “Always aim for the moon. In case you fail, you will then fall on the stars.”