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I’ve been advocating the benefits of luxury since I began my professional career. 

As a human concept, luxury encapsulates the highest ideals of creativity, transcendence, art, craftsmanship, service, rarity, quality, dream, attention to detail, heritage, refinement, experience, and emotion.

I have helped brands elevating, rejuvenating, positioning their message and refining their image. They have a purpose to their activities and because of this, we scale their business, and nurture their Brand equity (monetize this unique asset) with authenticity.


Epykomene and Entrepreneurship In Luxury

I discovered the joy of entrepreneurship in 2010, co-founding Epykomène, the Luxury marketing agency. Among our references, we are proud to name GucciChristian Dior, Beneteau Group,  Hilton, Timex Group, Parnasse, Orange Group, Olympus, French Deal, Lilly Pulitzer, 3i3s, Lery Paris, Popup Paris, Roze Collection, Tailleur Premium, Phenix Influence, VAE Les 2 Rives, Serge Pariente, Mon Petit Jama, Dentelles & Macarons, Shamaz, Swiss Time, Contrejour Paris, Kamila Hotel Group, Chef Alain Temin, Hawke & Co etc. To know more about Epykomène, just click here.

I have trained over 7000 luxury and fashion professionals that either work for top brand, or own their own brands.

Epykomène Agency is an official and certified training organisation since 2013 in France. More information here.


My Book About Luxury Brand Strategy

In 2016, my first book “Marque & Luxe” was published by Les Editions KAWA (collection Expliqué à mon boss) in France and French speaking countries. I described the concept of the 3R as the key ingredients to any Luxury brands. The Brand Bible© concept is thoroughly explained on how a Brand is structured to sustain in time. And I revealed the approach for an authentic marketing with the YUXA© concept (Luxe + Yoga). I was honored to interview 38 experts of Luxury and marketing worldwide and to collaborate with 15 artists and present over 60 drawings, paintings, photos. “Marque & Luxe” is a very unique alliance of art, romance and Luxury Brand strategy culture. To discover Marque & Luxe on Amazon, click here

To know more about “Marque & Luxe”, access to the manifesto HERE and consult all the press clippings right HERE

Marque & Luxe

My Contribution In Training And Teaching

I founded the first master of Luxury Brand Communication with full English content in Paris, France at Sup de Pub, INSEEC Group. I had the pleasure to manage this master, teach and be the Brand Ambassabors for all the Luxury masters of Sup de Pub until 2021.

I have taught, been a jury, a public speaker and a panelist for over 30 universities and business schools around the world. To name a few:  La Sorbonne (Paris), New York University (New York, NY), The Fashion Institute Of Technology (New York, NY), Jacksonville University (Jacksonville, FL), Rotterdam University Of Applied Sciences (Rotterdam), Sichuan Agricultural University (Chengdu)Bangaluru University (Bungalore),  Le Cristal Festival (Courchevel), Studyrama (Paris), Beautique (New York) etc.

2021, A New Era, with DAY ROSE COLLECTIVE

DAY ROSE is the premier collective dedicated to the fields of leisure: arts, luxury, experience and fashion. Discover DAY ROSE.

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