Entrepreneur. Writer. Speaker. Strategist. Advisor.

Bonjour and Welcome on my humble website. I hope your day is a fantastic one. I like to think that I learn and grow everyday in a better version of me and I feel blessed to be sharing my passion for life, beauty and creation everyday.

From 2004 to 2010, I evolved with the Luxury and fashion field as a collaborator of several companies. End of 2010, I joined the beautiful community of entrepreneurs launching Epykomene agency and offering marketing services with a focus on Luxury Brand’s image and strategy.In 2016, my first book called “Marque & Luxe” was published by Les Editions Kawa in France and French speaking countries. Another shift, the artist is me was awoken. In 2018, I became a mother, a “warrior mom” as I like to call myself. End of 2020, is the period of time, I write those lines for you.

I am ready to make a change in my life and contribute even more and with mindfulness.
1. DAY ROSE, my new entrepreneurial baby, will bring thousands of smiles by the water, right on the beach.
2. I am writing a new book, a fiction this time. I feel closer to my true self than ever.
3. XXXXXXXXXX as my new way of sharing online both business and life advice for the Happy Achievers:
– programs made of guidance, ateliers, stories and powerful tools to thrive and rise preciously in life
– business trainings to enter and succeed as a Luxe (and fashion) brands and entrepreneurs