The Beneteau Legacy

The fate of Benjamin Beneteau would be out of the ordinary. He was born in a small town called St-Gilles, adopted by his uncle who loved the sea. Beneteau’s dream of building boats would begin on the boatyard of his best friend’s father. His determination would convince his uncle, and he would enter Rochefort towards end 1879 for his military service.

Going International

From the 1970s, the brand was investing in export insofar as their resources would permit, setting up a network of dealers and importers, in particular in European countries, with the exception of the United States, where they opened a subsidiary in Annapolis, in 1976. The aim of this was to establish the brand, but especially to understand the American consumer’s tastes by being present on site.

Figaro Times

Always mindful of promoting sailing, this would be the year of the first Figaro Class. 1 The Figaro race – formerly the Course de l’Aurore – traditionally raced on prototypes was to convert to one-designs. Beneteau could not be absent from this race, which they had been following since the First was marketed, a race which Michel Malinovsky won the day the boat was produced, bringing it such a great reputation.

The Birth of Beneteau Group

It was during the crisis that the scale of the business developed. BENETEAU Boatyard became BENETEAU Group. Then came the question of where they would locate the headquarters. It would be at St-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie, facing the harbor entrance. 

In 2008, the BENETEAU group acquires Monte Carlo Yachts

An Italian company, and names Carla Demaria as its chairperson. Monte Carlo Yachts must fundamentally transform the way people think about luxury in yachting by focusing on its core characteristics: timelessness, inherent quality, and the value of striking out. The first MCY is displayed to the world press for the first time in Venice on July 23, 2010, 18 months after the new boatyard was formally established. The exquisite 23-meter flybridge boat is genuine, forward-thinking, and noble. It re-establishes the importance of strong ideals. Aside from the boat, a significant new Beneteau Group brand emerges from the shadows on that day.