By embracing generosity and abundance in your business, you allow your Brand authority to advance and make your business to be loved and seen by people, and your potential clients.

How to embrace generosity and Abundance within your business and your brand?

Here are a few actions:
-be generous from the start! When someone enters your boutique or office, a great way to spread love is to offer something to drink or eat. We can do it with a little chocolate or candy, a coffee, a glass of water or even champagne. I will always cherish my time in the souk of Istanbul drinking 20 teas per day offered by merchant in exchange of a 3 minutes conversation about France, culture or beautiful things to do/see in Turkey.
Generosity is easy to display with something either a gift you keep, something that you discover or make you feel good or something that feels your belly!
-thank you! I love to repeat we never say Thank you enough in luxury.
Well there is definitely a limit and I truly believe “thank you” have to be deserved. You should not thank someone for being ungrateful or whatever. However, in business showing how grateful you are to your clients is very powerful and essential. A thank you, a thank you email, à thank you card, a discount or gift to say thank you will ensure your clients happiness
-a gift with purchase – we also call it GWP. It can be seasonal, on only for some products, a limited edition or a member only offer. We love to receive a gift when we purchase something
-a gift on special occasion: remember your clients birthday or the day they bought from you for the first time and send a little note to say hi and show how precious your relation is to you
-hand-written notes – those have become so rare! When you get one, it is a very special thing you want to keep preciously. Think about the postcard, the thank you notes, love letters, drawings from your little ones you received, all hand written. I believe most of them are either in one of your drawers and displayed on your office or held with a magnet on your fridge.
-special gesture made from humans outside of corporate process
-consistency and more than enough – one very important thing is to provide your clients with regular and generous services and products. If you sell hamburgers and fries for example, make sure the taste, the freshness of the ingredients, the warmth of the meal, the portion are always similar. This is way more difficult to control in services than products yet essential to nurture confidence and satisfaction. We all love to receive satisfying and good value for money products and services.
-invite your clients into your brand universe May it be via shows, conferences, talk or event at the store, let your clients connect with your brand several time a year. Make it possible to hear a voice, meet someone, discover and learn new things
-give them a reason to come back: when your time with your clients come to an end, a good way to make sure they are coming back is to create an excitement. Via a gift, a noté, à special offer, a discount or anything else, make them feel like the experience is never ending or actually just beginning.
Why generosity and abundance are keys to your business success?
  1.  They enchant your clients. Over satisfaction, your clients feel they is special and what is received from you goes beyond what their needs, wishes and expectations. You leave a timeless souvenir
  2. This surprise and kind gesture make your clients want to give back to you. Therefore they will keep purchasing and/or using your services. They will be easy-to-pleased clients because already convinces. They will forget the small possible mistakes because they have seen how amazing you are and they will be more patient with you. They will also recommend you to anyone they know of. Word of mouth and repeating purchase what the core of the loyalty process. Generosity and abondance creates loyalty
  3. Brand equity! Also known as the immaterial value of the brand, brand equity will grow tremendously thanks to loyal clients. They will keep promoting your brands while purchasing it… this is the best way to create regular effortless revenues. And it all started with a kind gesture, just an attention to make someone feel special. 
  4. Generosity and abundance via gifts on special occasion or gift with purchase or even incentives trigger additional sales! Clients tend to buy more products to reward the brand but also because their trust and contentement make them want to spend more time with and within your brand. 
  5. Last but not least generous behaviors have a tremendous impact on the ambiance and efficiency at work. When your team feels it, they are constantly motivated. They have a prize to get and the feeling of pleasing people and gifting is exhilarating in the best type of way.