In 2018, I was closing the blog of Epykomene. Over 2500 articles, interviews, news in 7 years about luxury, fashion, travel. A part of me had to come to an end. For some reasons I never once doubted I would stop contributing to the fields of leisure of pleasure which are: arts, luxury, experience and fashion. I was confident I would see the birth of a new generation of brands and I felt at peace. 

October 20th of 2021, I am delighted to officially launch Le Journal de DAY ROSE!

A rather French name this time for our humble blog. 

Le Journal de DAY ROSE is dedicated to the fields of arts, luxury, experience and arts and presents:

Interviews of entrepreneurs and artists, creatives and experts, that share with us their secret recipe for success and a window to their passion and savoir-faire.  

Focus on the history of iconic brands and Brand makers, cultural heritage and beauties of the world

Travels, nomadic adventures and self-growth enlightenments.

Le Journal de DAY ROSE will also feature new product launch and special offers for you to take the opportunity to make your dreams happen, launch and scale your brand and build the life you have always dreams of. 

Lastly, as a marketer passionate about prospective trends, I will share with you my vision of tomorrow and the world changes that will impact directly the fields of leisure and pleasure we are dedicating our time and love on Le Journal de DAY ROSE!