All The Answers For Your Questions About The Precious Life

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Here’s that list of questions and answers about The Precious Life!

What can I expect to find in the membership? 

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Each month is released a new course that full content is available for you as a member. Each course includes:

  • Videos, postcast and notes organised in modules, 🎨 🎬 🎤 🎧 🎼
  • Ateliers and homework,
  • Q&A live/replay session,
  • Other tools such as assessment
  • Action plan and a surprise (ex: an ebook). 🌞

On top of it, to bring balance and joy to your life, I release content for member only:

  • Past courses since you signed up
  • Routine video that can be yoga, meditation, visualisation, art class.
  • Happy Achievers live soirees to meet with the community 🍿
  • Surprises and gifts such as stories, interviews, short advice video, podcast, blog posts

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Can I purchase single course without a membership?

Yes, each course released in available “à la carte” which means that you can purchase it solo. Discover Positive Cleansing course viathis link.

If you get the membership, you get extra content that is only for members plus your library including all your past courses. And there is just a tiny price difference (a few $) so a much better deal! Here is the link to the membership offer.

Until when can I use my coupon?

The one I am offering for the launch is a very special and unique one! With the code DREAMLIVELOVE you get 50% OFF on ALL memberships and single courses of The Precious Life! 🎁 Be careful, to enjoy this unique offer, you have until June 7th, 2021 at the latest and this offer is for the first 200 members only! 

How long will my discount last for?

The coupon gives you access to a LIFETIME PRICE. There won’t be any increase for you. As long as you keep the membership, you will keep the same price. 🎟

What if I want to stop? How can I do?

You can cancel your membership anytime and without any fee. From your member page, you can simple stop the membership in a few clicks. To stop the following month, make sure you cancel 7 days prior to your renewal date.

How can I be sure there will be results?

If you listen to the courses and apply the methods to your struggles and goals, changes will happen. I can’t guarantee the results because it really depends on you and your commitment! However, I will be devoted my time and efforts to you with guidance and motivation. You happiness is what makes The Precious Life successful.🤸‍♂️

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