In The Precious Life membership, I have the honor to introduce Mel & Josue music.

An ideal encounter

I met them on a Saturday afternoon at the beach, on a beautiful day. My son was waking up from his nap and I had the pleasure to see his arms and legs and petit derriere moving happily when hearing the percussion music that was coming to us.

My heart was filled with joy, strength and serenity. I was excited and at peace at the same time. Mel and Josue were right in front of us playing with their soul. At the end of the song, I had to talk to them and ask them to share their art with my community. They kindly accepted and gifted me with a song and answers to my questions.

“Music is my hobby”

When I asked Josue if music was his main work, he told me that music was a hobby. Then when I asked him how he was making a living, he told me with music. He looked at my face and understood I looked puzzled. As puzzled as he looked when I asked him if music was his professional career. To Josue, music will never be work. And I simply love the wisedom of this and his detachment from society’s labels. Listening to him made me grow.

 Music is born out of love

Mel then told me the story of her meeting music. She met Josue that has been playing Jumbe forever. They became a couple, and she discovered her love for African percussion through their relation. Music is the foundation, the ciment and the passion of their couple. She plays African drums.

 Art is expression

When she is not playing music, Mel as a complete artist is making accessories such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets. Like their music, this uniques pieces of art are inspired of African arts and embellished with Mexican inspirations.

On The Precious Life Membership, there is the full 7 minutes video with Mel and Josue. Ideal to stimulate creativity, danse, do yoga or even a very stimulating meditation. Their music is filled with powerful positive energies. <3

I can’t thank them enough for sharing this with me and with us today!

Discover a little piece of Mel and Josue Music, just click on the video!

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