I am super thrilled to introduce you the new course of The Precious Life called The Totems of Productivity. Here is a true story.

A few days ago, I got robbed.

We were sitting in my favorite breakfast spot in Playa Del Carmen with my son and my friend. A couple of well-organized pickpockets stole my purse without us notifying it at first.

My first reaction was to blame myself.”I should have kept my purse on me… I should have listened to my son when he told me that the lady accross the table was mean… I should have understood when I was seeing my child being so agitated… I should have listen to my intuition when I woke up feeling so weirdly aching from my heart to my throat…”

The minute before, I was telling my friend I was too hard to myself. While doing all the efforts and seeing myself acting so hard on myself I couldn’t stop myself from expecting always more from me.

Rebecca looked at me when I started blaming myself for the robbery. And, with a lot of kindness, she told me: “I think this may have happened the minute you said you were too hard on you. You didn’t do anything wrong. Instead of seeing you so imperfect, you should be proud of yourself. Because I am and I know you are too. It would be good for you to acknowledge everything you are doing.”

And this is true. I will use the next lines to tell the truth (and not brag as I used to think I was).

I am an entrepreneur with many hats on my head that are a well- established Luxury marketing expert, a writer, a public speaker, a professeur and soon I hope the founder of a magnifique “lieu de vie” on the beach. I am a proud single mother that travels the world with her son showing him all the beauties that it had to offer. I am a 37 years young woman getting out of her comfort zone to achieve her artistic dreams and find a happy home where hearts and family will bloom.

How is all of this possible? What is the link between this story and us here?

PRODUCTIVITY is the answer to both of those question. I master the art of productivity. I make the most of each day. My day is like 3 days! I make things happen because I use the right organizational tools. I am not saying everything is perfect. But I am saying one way or another I will thrive and actually things get done pretty well. If this is all about determination, it is definitely about the art of productivity too!

So here I am 2 credit cards, my new driving license and a few pesos less but I could not care less. Because today, I am here to share with you the most powerful tools to productivity. I will show you how to do better, quicker while balancing your life.

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Have a beautiful day!