What? Is it really true? 2022 here you are, aren’t you?

Oh my… time has come for us all. Time for what?
Time to embrace the very best of our lives! No time to waste, no fears to listen, no dreams to keep inside our head.
The time to listen to our heart is NOW. This genuine little voice telling you what you really want. Those things that might seem irresponsible, as beautiful and crazy as they are. The world is living the birth of a new era. We (I include you and I) are going through intense changes  to make us all realize that we can do and we should do anything we truly want.
Yes, it is scary. Yes, we can feel to be kept in the unknown.
In 2021, I have asked over 55 persons with a big life changed if they regretted it. And not a single one hesitated in giving me their answer. A big straight NO with a huge smile on their face.
I have been asking this questions to people I didn’t know in coffees, on the beach, on planes and trains or even in front of my son’s schools. People I could see happy and I knew or heard that they were living out of their passion. I had always known this was possible but for some reasons 2021 brought me all their testimonials for me to really believe it was possible for me too. And that I ought to myself and the people I could help to make it happen. Here we are. I am here to share this story with you and tell you not to wait.
If you have something you really want to achieve,
If you feel frustrated doing something that is not you or doesn’t feel right to you,
if you know you could be much happier doing something else or living somewhere else,
Now is the perfect time to acknowledge it.
You could also choose to close your eyes and stop hearing this little voice saying it is time for change. And those who have been through that will tell you life always has a plan for you to finally listen to yourself. But if you are ready to listen and trust yourself, I am telling you the best is to come. Just the respect for yourself to be aware you want something more, something new, just something that fills you with joy, is a beautiful first step you can take to rock 2022.
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