When love spreads all around you, take it as the most wonderful signs of all.
Our trip to London is ending. I feel completely reborn. It wasn’t anodine that my sister bought those tickets for us nor that we were precisely in London when GABE First free masterclass is promoted.
London is a magical place, higher is the sky than many other places in the world. Sometimes we feel the sky here so low, like we cannot really see the sun. I believe It isn’t too low, but London carries high positive energies. I have seen so many smiles and so many details of freedom, my heart fills good and settled.
On our way out from our hotel, we received a very beautiful present from the hotel representative. Candies, chocolate and a card. I take this as the most powerful sign.
Generosity and abondance live so close together. And they trigger gratitude and a timeless gratitude. It doesn’t have to be big. On the contrary, the simplest, the most authentic and natural, the better.
People will always remember the gestures from the heart.
Merci Wizzie for this marvelous souvenir you imprinted with joy leaving us this beautiful hand-written card along with some candies and chocolates.