The 3 Tips To Launch Your Business In Luxury, Arts, Fashion & Experience

It is the perfect time to start your business and achieve your biggest dreams. Lots of you have decided to live their best life, believe in them and the current situation made you move through with your creation. I am so amazed and excited to observe the current changes that are about to happen in the fields of pleasures and leisures. The world is expecting new brands, human sized concepts with real authenticity and passion, that will bring along sustainability, inclusivity and purpose.
Today, I am sharing with you 3 Tips To Create A Highly-Desirable Brand for your premium/luxury/niche business :
1.It all starts with… YOU
Your business is a reflection of you. Brands are here to tell your story while they change your clients life fr the best. As human, we always want to understand the process, to know the why, to discover the roots of a brand we appreciate.
Your brand grows from your passion, your expertise, your legitimacy, your skills. The faster you know what you love doing and what you are amazingly good at, the better you are able to serve your clients and contribute to the world. To organically scale a successful you business we use word of mouth. And people talk positively of you and your brand when it makes sense and create an emotional and affective connexion. Everything align in some very magical yet rational way.
2.Understand what makes your offer so precious to your clients
In luxury, we call them your uniqueness (also called USP or competitive advantage outside of the worlds of pleasures and leisures) and strengths (those ones are super great qualities that other brands may have too and that your clients deeply appreciate).
They are what make your clients feel special and how your product/service transform their life for the best. It is essential to keep them in mind and to make sure you communicate strongly on them and with consistency at any point of contact with your clients.
3.Create a magnetic Brand.
You brand is your name, your logo, your colors, your flag, your story, your values and everything else that defines your concept. This is what the world sees at first and the souvenir left in everyone mind (heart, family/cultural heritage also, and if you do a great job). You brand is what you should nurture before, during and after launching as it is constantly evolving as a human being.
Raise a magnetic brand that drives awareness and sales organically and effortlessly. A brand that tenfold your business value because it becomes your most precious (financial) asset.
How to do that? By creating an emotional Brand strategy that will define all the essentials elements. specificities and steps regarding your brand and your business and how to achieve your goals with them in the simplest more organized way. You create a timeless document that can serve for anyone collaborating with you on growing the reputation and sales of your brands in any marketing/sales/communication etc. departments.
I have launched the Brand Bible methodology in 2010 in Paris and I have applied it for the past 11 years to my clients’ Brands strategy of creation, rejuvenation, elevation, diversification, stretching etc.
I am offering to you, creators, entrepreneurs and artists, to have a direct access to it, via GABE programs. GABE is the Growth Academy for Brands and Entrepreneurs in Arts, Luxury, Experience and Fashion. Season #2 is starting on January 4th and I am offering limited time offers until December 26th, 2021! Discover and book your spot, HERE